What Size Septic Tank Do I Have?

“How do I know what size septic tank I have?” is probably one of the most commonly asked questions we have people ask us at Adelaide Hills Septic. Septic pumping pricing does depend on the amount of waste we pump from your tank, so it’s good to know beforehand!

If your septic lid isn’t exposed, it will need to be dug so that we can access it to pump. It's the size/type of lid that usually helps determine the size of the tank, which you’ll see in the following examples:

1620 Litre Septic Tank

1620 litre septic tanks usually have a lid that is approximately 2ft across and 3ft long as seen below:

adelaide hills septic 1620 litre septic2


















2200 Litre Septic Tank

2200 litre septic tanks have the same 2ft x 3ft size lid as a 1620 litre tank EXCEPT there will be an extra smaller lid like the picture below with a hole in the centre.
**Always be careful around these lids, they can corrode and it's easy to fall through!

adelaide hills septic 2200 litre septic2


















3000 & 4000 Litre Septic Tanks

3000 & 4000 litre septic tanks have 2 openings that are each around 2ft x 2ft each similar to the photo below:

adelaide hills septic 3000 litre septic2


















Aerobic Systems

There are a few different types of aerobic systems, however the Biocycle System pictured below is a common one:

Aerobic Biocycle System2

Another common aerobic system are ones that look like the following ones from Ri-Industries:

Ri Industries Aerobic System

While this is just a guide to some of the common septic systems we pump out at Adelaide Hills Septic, it will have hopefully helped you identify your septic tank size.

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