Choosing Your Certified Pumper

You should contact at least two certified pumpers and select the pumper that best suits your needs. We suggest you locate your septic tank before calling the pumper. ( click here on how to locate your tank)

The following are recommended questions you should ask the pumper about their services:

  • What is the cost of the pump-out?
  • Does this cost include digging to uncover the septic tank lid(s)?
  • Does the cost include dumping fees?
  • Does this cost include inspection of the inlet and outlet baffles in the septic tank?
  • Is there a additional charge for the extra water and time required to pump a tank that has not been maintained properly?

It is best to provide "the distance" and the "elevation" to where the pumpers truck will be located (for example, in your driveway or in your yard) The pumper will determine if the truck can provide this type of service.

Most pumpers will charge you for locating the tank and uncovering the lids. You can save money by exposing the septic tank yourself. While the tank is uncovered - Sketch a map of the tanks location for future pumping needs. Photos are also a valuable resource.


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