Grease Traps

Cleaning and Servicing Grease Traps

grease trap cleaning

A grease trap or grease interceptor is a device that is commonly used in places that serve food. Grease traps are used to prevent the accumulation of fats, oils, and grease from getting into their sewer lines. When a grease trap fails, a business owner can have a multitude of problems. The accumulation of fats, oils, and grease can back up a sewer line causing sewage spills, property damage, and even the shutting down of a business. 

We clean all types of grease traps across South Australia, whether you are a restaurant, café, club, fast food chain, bakery, shopping centre, butcher, aged care facility, early learning centre, hospital or commercial kitchen, we can clean your grease trap. Whether it be a boat shape grease trap, flat bottom grease trap, ecotec grease trap, above ground grease traps, in ground grease traps, an old handmade grease trap, stainless steel grease trap, fibreglass grease trap, concrete grease trap, plastic grease trap Adelaide Hills Septic are professionally trained to come and clean your trap.

Grease trap waste is generated by commercial businesses who must comply with the requirements set out by SA Water guidelines. Adelaide Hills Septic is a fully certified licensed company who will help you comply with requirements set out by SA Water.

Cleaning and servicing your grease trap should be performed periodically for best results.  As a guideline pump outs should occur every 13 weeks. Routine cleaning pumps out fats, oils, and grease and is essential to prevent excess build up and help traps operate effectively.

Adelaide Hills Septic provide cleaning and maintenance of your grease trap. With our expertise we will pump out your grease trap, scrape the sides and baffles and deodorize your system. This service can then be placed in our system as routine maintenance so that regular cleaning of your grease trap is never overlooked. 


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